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The basic use of Buick Regal in Miami Gardens for functionalities

Given the economic crisis that most people face due to the worldwide recession, they have also got to cut down on the amount of private transportation and the mode of transportation. Automobiles have recently got a makeover, and most of the old cars are actually coming back into the fray. 

These actually have two vital advantages. The first will be that you can get them at a very small amount of money, and the amount of gas consumed by them will also look extremely good in your pocket. The second most advancement is that you can actually get a lot of warranties that can come with the car itself. 

So there is no need for you to worry about any possible problems in relation to your finances by taking such a car. In this regard, you can get in contact with Miami Gardens Buick Regal gs dealership. These are cars that not only have a wonderful advantage in making use of quality technology, but they are extremely handy when you are in need of saving an enormous amount of money. Commonly, these are cars that are extremely hardy, and not at all flashy.

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Advantages incorporated by the use of such Buick Regal cars

One can estimate for a fact that making use of the Miami Gardens Buick Regal gs car can give them the additional guarantee that most of their warranties will be in check. This is a wonderful car and made from a wonderful effective company that is in this market for a long period. 

The automobile sector has actually gone through a makeover, and due to the recent advancements in technology, most of the people are actually throwing away their old cars and incorporating the new ones into their stable. Whatever be the consequences, people that are actually facing a lot of hard times in terms of getting gas money can actually be going for such kind of Buick Regal cars.

 This way, they will also be able to get the truly effective supply from the company, and they also need not have to worry about any sort of premium services or superior deals that can actually come incorporated with such kind of cars. One can easily understand the amount of feasibility that they are looking out for in terms of getting the best possible efficient running and trustworthiness within that particular car.

Running a car that is old

Buick Regal gas is a car that has been better days. Not to say that it is a very bad decision for you to purchase such a car, but you can consider it as your stand-by car. But in harsh times, when you are in need of money to be saved, and evaluating all your options, you find that traveling in disguise actually going to help you out in the long run. 

The responsibilities and the trustworthiness that you will be able to get and accept from such kind of car are not at all to be found in most of the other automobile manufacturers of the yesteryears. They will be able to keep the cost extremely low, and any sort of provisions like trustworthiness along with the design can actually be trusted upon. 

You should be ready to take such kind of cards out for a drive, and you definitely get to understand what happens to be the reason as to why people tend to still travel in this car. The owner of this car will be completely pleased by the services and functionality provided, and will not find faults with this car.

Giving Of Your Skill To Places In Need

There is a terrible Catch-22 for many charities today. Their ambitious and beneficial work requires contributions from highly skilled people, yet they lack the funds to hire such experts for the work.

Maybe this is where you come in. You're trying to find something meaningful to do, something that will allow you to use your special skills to help people in need. You've found that spooning out meals or just writing a check is helpful, but it doesn't really scratch your itch for making a difference.

Engineering is one of those fields that need help. While finding engineering jobs has always been fairly simple due to good staffing services in the industry, generating a means to connect qualified experts with the groups and charities who need them isn't as streamlined. So if your heart is telling you to give back, you probably need to take the initiative yourself and start exploring a few choices.

American Know-How In The Developing World

If you don't think American engineers are needed abroad, drop by an engineering class at any stateside university and scan the class. You are likely to see many different nationalities represented, a clear sign that our skills are needed elsewhere.

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But since they have so many students here, shouldn't those folks be returning home, the degree in hand, to help on the home front? Many do, but many others make connections in the US that lead to careers here. As a result, developing nations experience brain drain in their best potential engineers, and they pay the price.

Think of the frequent disasters involving building collapses, massive structure fires, and earthquake damage that you see in third-world countries. The death and financial loss brought about in these incidents are exactly what these struggling nations do not need. 

Think of how many places lack reliable, potable water access for citizens, despite a natural supply that could meet the needs.

The gap in both of those cases is engineering. And if you can make contact through the Peace Corps or any of dozens of international groups, you could make a contribution to improving those conditions.

Big-City Planning To Small-Town USA

There is a story widely circulating in social media about a water pumping station that's cleverly disguised as a brick home. It's a project that was undertaken to maintain the area's residential appearance while still providing quality municipal services.

Does every small town have access to that type of know-how? Probably not. So maybe a little city networking could help you in helping them.

Even if you live in a large city, you probably have connections to small towns. Where are your parents from? What about college friends? Whom do you know that could quickly link you to a small-town mayor or county commissioner?

Once you make contact, start the conversation organically. Many people don't know what they don't know. If you can discuss their situation from a problem-driven perspective--that is, ask them first what they think they need, or what they wish they could change you're more likely to root out something that could be a place for your contributions. Just keep your tone positive and helpful, not condescending and pitying.

Your skills are specialized and expensive. While it's a gratifying career to utilize them for those who are ready to write a check, it's also great to provide them gratis for those who have equal need but limited means.

Jingle bells all the way

As has been said since time immemorial, Xmas is a time of spreading peace and good cheer. The decorations which have been associated with the joyous occasion continue to prevail even today. Some of the unique Christmas ornaments from Europe have been discussed here in this article. 

The ornaments and decorations while preparing the Xmas tree for your kids and little ones are what makes it so special and unique on this one eagerly awaited day of the year. The bells, sparklers and balloons make the celebrations incredible. The painted glass balls from Germany are guaranteed to make your celebrations a sparkling success as do the  Danish decorative pieces made of tin.  Try decorating your trees with a difference this Christmas and light up your homes with the promise of peace on earth and good will towards men.

The appropriate and unique kind of decoration with glass balls, bells, red caps and streamers make it a joyous occasion to celebrate and especially thrilling for the children if there are any. As is common knowledge, red and green are the festive colors so you can even try having decorations in the same shades and hues.

More about Christmas decorations

The blend of tradition and modernism has paved the way for the festive adornments of today. There are many unique Christmas ornaments from Europe which make this occasion a joy to celebrate. You can get Polish glass ornaments and decorative pieces from Germany which are made of wood. These decorative pieces are truly innovative and incredible and can be looked up and ordered online. The Austrian eggs comes hand painted which gives them a personal touch and makes them a joy to celebrate this auspicious occasion with. Christmas is an international festival which is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur on a global basis by all the nations. So decorations do play a pivotal part in these festivities and adornments. The decorative pieces which are brought from Europe add charm and d├ęcor to the holy occasion and make the parties even merrier.

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Make the occasion gloriously merry

The importance of these festive adornments remains an undeniably important factor in the face of the changing modern world. You just need to log online at the internet shopping stores and order as per your needs for making your home a gloriously happy Christmas haven for everyone. So get set to celebrate this occasion in style as well as keeping up with the age-old conventions. 

 Even in our modern day age, conventional norms should be always be revered and this is where these innovative Christmas decorations come into play for all concerned. The right kind of decorative items and Xmas ornaments can really make you get into the festive mode and enjoy the occasion. So before holding a gathering, the right kind of ambiance and appropriate adornments are very important.

More updates

Bringing the innovative and special kinds of Xmas ornaments can really be a boon for the beholder and this is where the European countries hold a prime place. The glitter and sparkle pave the way for merry Christmas carols and the arrival of Santa Claus for excited children who await their gifts eagerly. White is also one of the Christmas colors so decorations can be planned in this shade too.


These are some of the basic updates for obtaining the particularly impressive and innovative ornaments which make this occasion so special. Celebrate your holiday by adorning your home like never before in true Christmas style and pave the way for a brighter occasion the forthcoming year for everyone around.

When You should Send Out a Thank You Note

Two simple words that can have a lasting effect on the person you say them to our ‘Thank You’. Sending out a thank you note or an email message is a great way to show your appreciation to someone, but can also go a long way in boosting your career, cementing a relationship with a friend or business associate, or helping you score a job offer that may just be just what you need in your life.

A Small Action but a Difference Maker

A thank you note can be hand-written, digital, or even physical ones that you can purchase from a store. You can even make them using your computer, but when it comes to sending out thank you notes, especially for formal reasons, it is prudent not to DIY them. In those scenarios, an online thank you card or a physical one works best and is most effective and magnificent in conveying the message that you want to send.

But the age-old question is, when is it appropriate to say thank you? When it is necessary to thank someone formally? There are many occasions that call for a thank you note or a letter. Here are some of them:

If you’ve been ill

If you have been hospitalized recently or have had a recent illness, you should definitely send out a thank you note to all those people who took time out to visit you, bring your flowers or wish you a speedy recovery. If a person has offered to help you out with something during your bout of illness, or offered you their help in your recovery process, whether it to help out with chores, errands or kids, you should send them a thank you note.

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If you’ve had a bridal or baby shower

If you have been thrown a bridal or a baby shower, you should send out thank you notes to all those who attended, brought your presents and even wished you, despite not being able to be there. Don’t forget to send out a special thank you to the friend who hosted the shower and organized it, because he or she went through the effort to put together something special for you and created memories that could last a lifetime.

If you’ve thrown a child’s birthday party

Thank you cards are called for if you have just thrown a child’s birthday party. You must send out custom thank you notes to each guest to show your appreciation that they took the time out to attend. Whether a gift was brought or not really doesn’t make a difference here. You should send everyone who showed up at the party a thank you note. If a gift was purchased you should go that extra mile to thank the person for the gift as well as for attending the party.

If you’ve thrown a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner

If you have invited guests over for major holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, they are bound to bring you something. A thank you note is a great way of showing your appreciation to them.
So show your appreciation and send out your Postable thank you note today.

How to Choose the Right Tattoo for You

Planning to get a tattoo? It is indeed a tough decision as you need to be strong enough. Tattoos are in these days and are associated with personality. Celebrities and often seen flaunting their designer tattoos on different parts of the body and this might be the reason why you wish to get one made. It is all about style and expression. Hence when you decide to get a tattoo, make sure that you know what exactly you want.

Before you start to search for a tattoo designer, decide if you really want to do this. People usually go to the designer and give up since the process of making a permanent tattoo is painful. You need to be physically and mentally strong. Also, see that it does not affect your professional life. Some companies do not like employees with tattoos as these are not formal. Hence, it might affect your image at work. You need to choose a decent design which does not look awkward at the office.

Permanent or Temporary

There are two types of tattoos: Permanent which last for a long time and temporary that last for a few days. Hence you need to decide which one you would like. If you wish to change the design after some time, you must opt for temporary ones. These are made using paint and stencils while in permanent ones, inedible ink is injected into skin’s dermis layer which leads to change of pigment color.

Search for Designs

The first and most important part is choosing the design. You can either talk to the designer as they have numerous samples with them or can search online. You will find designs which you can take to the designer.
Meaning of the Design

You must be aware that every tattoo has a specific meaning. Some symbols are linked to past and cultures and hence you must choose carefully. If you want some symbols in another language, consult a language expert or translator to know the right meaning. Also, make sure that you are not hurting anyone’s religious and cultural beliefs. Once you are sure that the meaning is appropriate and does not offend people from any religion, go ahead.

Creativity: Customized Tattoo

These days, tattoo designers allow people to choose or customize tattoos. You can choose a design and then make modifications according to your desire and the body part. Sit with the designer and discuss what you want exactly and he might draw a new pattern altogether for you. See that the design is unique and represents your nature and personality.

Selected a Wrong Design? Do Not Panic

There might be a situation where you choose a pattern and as the designer starts making it, you feel that it is not the design that you wanted. In such cases, you might get confused what to do now. There is no need to worry at all since there are professionals who offer tattoo removal services. This allows you to get rid of the unwanted design and clean the area completely in no time. Thus, get a tattoo without any worries and look stylish and smart.

4 great ways to sell your Rolex watch

If they haven’t done so before, the owner of a Rolex watch might not know of the many ways in which they can sell it. When searching for a way to sell Rolex watches, their owner could resort to choosing the first option which springs to mind. In order to get the best price, consider the following:

Social media

Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have changed how the world communicates. Not only can friends and contacts stay in touch with each other via social media but goods can also be sold, such as Rolex watches. A group can be created on Facebook, such as for the sole purpose of selling a valuable model. A relevant hashtag can be used on tweets which also include a photograph that has been taken of a Rolex watch. As hashtags can be read across the world, a Rolex watch can be sold to someone who lives thousands of miles away.


An internet auction site, eBay can be used for selling a wide range of goods, such as Rolex watches. Once a listing has been created, a Reserve Price has to be set so that it doesn’t sell for less than its true value. Photographs can also be uploaded of a serial number or Certificate of Authenticity. By setting an auction so that it lasts for thirty days, there will be plenty of opportunities for potential buyers to place bids. When an auction runs for several weeks and not a couple of days, a considerable number of people can add a Rolex watch to their ‘Watch List’.

Websites that specialize in buying Rolexes

One of the most popular ways to sell a Rolex watch, a website that buys them can pay more. After initially entering information onto an inquiry form, such as if its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity or how old a Rolex watch is, it will then be assessed once it has been sent in a delivery pack. Once a Rolex watch has been assessed, its owner will be given a quote. When a quote is accepted, funds are transferred into a bank account within a couple of days. In fact, it can take as little as two hours for money to be deposited into a bank account.

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If the owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t want to sell it online, they can choose a jeweler instead. By taking along the relevant documentation and any other items, such as a Certificate of Authenticity and an official box, its owner won’t have to wait for the cash to arrive because they are paid once a quote is accepted. There are many ways in which jewelers pay for Rolex watches.

Along with cash, a cheque can also be issued. If its former owner doesn’t object to carrying thousands of pounds in their wallet or purse because money is needed very quickly, they can decide to sell their Rolex watch to a jeweler.

5 celebrities who have featured in Rolex’s advertising campaigns

Rolex watches are in high demand. Throughout its history, Rolex has employed celebrities to promote various models. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for wanting to sell a Rolex watch because the following celebrities can be mentioned to potential buyers:

Roger Federer

A renowned tennis player who has won multiple Grand Slam tournaments, Roger Federer is also popular because of his personality. A humble person despite being incredibly successful, Federer is the ideal person to front a Rolex advertising campaign. In fact, Federer has been chosen to promote various Rolexes. He has also worn Rolex watches whilst playing in competitions around the world.

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Eric Clapton

A Rolex watch as worn by Eric Clapton was sold recently for $505,000. The popular guitarist has also appeared in many advertising campaigns, such as for the Rolex Yellow Gold Day-Date which was seen across the world. As Eric Clapton is an instantly recognizable person, this watch was very popular when it was released and it still is. As well as this particular Rolex model, Clapton has been photographed wearing other Rolex watches. Along with the GMT Master and the Submariner, Eric Clapton also owns the GV Milgauss.

Paul Newman

A celebrated actor who appeared in many legendary films, such as ‘The Sting’ and ‘The Towering Inferno’, Paul Newman was a great humanitarian because he raised a lot of money for charity. The owner of many high-performance vehicles, Paul Newman did race competitively and was photographed wearing Rolex watches whilst doing so. If the current owner of a Rolex Daytona wants to get the best possible price for it, they can mention that Paul Newman not only helped to promote it but wore this model recreationally.

Brad Pitt

A handsome actor who has appeared in such movies as ‘World War Z’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and ‘Fight Club’, Brad Pitt continues to excel in one role after another. As a result of his trademark good looks, Brad Pitt has been hired by Rolex to promote various watches. Consequently, the advertisements that Brad Pitt has featured in are very popular. Not only have such advertisements appeared in newspapers and magazines but also on billboards. As a result, the watches that Brad Pitt wore have been promoted to an even wider audience.

Jeff Bridges

Having starred in countless movies, most notably ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Iron Man’, Jeff Bridges is a hugely popular actor. Not only did his father act but his brother continues to. Jeff Bridges has even been employed by Rolex to promote various watches. As with Brad Pitt, Jeff Bridges cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Consequently, the advertisements that he has appeared in have been very popular. As with other celebrities who have promoted Rolex watches professionally, Jeff Bridges has also been spotted wearing them in his spare time. As Jeff Bridges is highly admired not just by his fans but his fellow actors, the watches that he continues to wear are seen by an even greater number of people. When wanting to sell a Rolex watch, it can be stated on an EBay listing that Jeff Bridges has worn it.

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Find Versatile Coupons and Grab the Chance to Make Excellent Deals Online

We make a purchase of day to day items from several online stores. We include some of the essential items such as cosmetics, dresses, appliances, groceries and several other essential to that of luxurious goods in our list of purchases. The means of getting these things may vary. 
It may be from some of the discount stores or to that of general stores. Sometimes we receive coupons in our email from some of the wonderful stores. Coupons are a great way of shopping. It obviously saves us some amount of money. We can get the goods at a discounted price. On the coupons, the amount of discount is clearly mentioned. Therefore if you want to make use of the discount purchase then you should check out online resources where you can get some of the versatile discount coupons.
Free and Printable Coupons Online
You get some of the savings certificates in your inbox. In the coupons, the amount of discount is usually mentioned. On a selective range of products, you would be provided with the discount. The discount may be from 20 percent to that of fifty percent also. The discount may vary from one store to the other. You need to check online resources for this.

The bed bath and beyond coupon is one of the discount coupons which are available for those who are looking for such versatile discounts. You can easily get great discounts and regular newsletters to your email once you sign for the newsletters. Therefore you need to check your email and confirm that you have given the right email details so that you would be mailed the updates on the regular basis. These are free coupons and these are printable coupons. You can easily avail them. However, when you use the discount coupons you need to follow some of the procedures and abide by the rules given in the coupons. You can simply use one coupon against one purchase. Therefore when you get any coupon in your inbox, ensure that you read the rules of using the discount coupon so that you can use it in the best way.

How To Look For The Best Of The Coupons
The online resources are tremendous use as they bestow some of the wonderful resources in hands. They give access to some of the most awesome deals. With the online resources, you can get hands on some versatile products. You need to check the store to get complete idea about the several products on discount and you can also get information on the promotions, discounts, means of using the coupons and other related queries. 
As we all know that the coupons fetch a huge sum of discount, we need to take use of the resources for such wonderful deals. When you browse online you would come across some of the awesome coupons which would fetch you huge discounts.
Not all are genuine and real. Therefore you need to carefully pick up and choose some of the legitimate deals. You can check out the review of the people towards the discount deals and get an idea on how legitimate and real the discounts are. Bed and beyond coupon is one such coupon which has been liked and preferred by most of the people online because it offers genuine and versatile discounts.
You can check out the steps to get the discount coupons so that you can use them whenever you want and get some of the wonderful deals online. You can get newsletters and discounts in your inbox, thus keep checking your email and find whether you have received such a discount coupon in your email!

The complete guide to hair removal

In the modern day, there are so many different options at your disposal when it comes to selecting the right method of removing hair. Should you wax your legs? Is shaving the best option? Should you invest in hair removal cream? Perhaps looking into laser treatment is the recommended solution?
With such extensive choice, it can be confusing to know what option to go for. Nevertheless, opting to use wax is largely considered the best route to go down. There are many benefits that can be gained by going for this solution, especially in comparison to the other most used method which is of course shaving.
Why is waxing better than shaving?
  • Say bye to shaving cuts and rashes – Shaving can often have a negative impact on the skin (especially if you are someone who is known for being clumsy). You won’t experience this if you opt to wax.
  • No more stubble – You don’t experience that horrible black stubble you get when you are shaving.
  • Smooth skin – One of the main reasons why waxing is recommended is because it’s the only way to ensure the skin stays smooth. This is because the hair is removed from the bud.
  • Saves time – You will only have to get waxed every few weeks. However, shaving needs to be done every few days.

When you take these four points into account it is really not hard to see why wax is the best hair removal solution. Nevertheless, you will only reap all of the benefits associated with this method if you know how to prepare your skin properly beforehand and how to take care of your skin afterward.

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How to prepare your skin for waxing
  • Exfoliate and moisturize on the day before waxing – Don’t apply any on the actual day of your appointment.
  • Shower or have a bath beforehand – It is important to remove dirt as it can be a hindrance whilst you are having your wax.
  • Avoid deodorant – If you are having your armpits waxed it is recommended to avoid putting deodorant on prior to your appointment.
  • Don’t drink coffee – This is something a lot of people are unaware of. However, caffeine makes you more sensitive to pain, so if you can avoid consuming anything containing caffeine on the day or the day before your appointment it will be beneficial.
How to care for your skin after waxing
  • No exercise, tanning, intercourse, saunas, hot tubs or baths - On the day after your appointment.
  • Regular moisturizing and exfoliating – Wait until 24 hours after the treatment and then begin to exfoliate and moisturize regularly. This will ensure your skin stays soft and will also help to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.
  • Ingrown hair serum – You can actually buy serum specifically designed to ensure no ingrown hairs appear. This is always a recommended purchase.
One final point to recognize is just how important it is to make sure you find the best place for your treatment. By doing this you can ensure the best products are used and your skin’s potential for irritation is decreased as much as possible. If you are wondering where the best place for waxing Hong Kong is, then you only have to look towards Flawless. They have a glittering reputation in the industry and offer an extensive selection of wax treatments for individuals to choose from.

Finding the Storage of Gun in a Variety of Sizes and Styles

People have different requirements when it comes to shopping for a gun safe. For example, one gun owner may own two dozen pistols and needs a safe that will accommodate all of them. Another gun owner may have just three rifles that he or she needs to store. When shopping for a gun safe, most owners have a few features that they keep in mind.
The first feature is proper size. Of course, a safe needs to be large enough to hold the amount of guns owned by the an individual. In addition, an owner needs a safe the fits into his or her storage area. Some gun owners like to purchase gun safes that stack on top of one another. This can save space in a garage that is already loaded with other items. 
Other gun owners prefer to have a gun safe that sits on the floor in one corner of the basement. There's plenty of space for the safe and an owner can get to it with ease. Gun Safes Now is one example of a place that has gun safes in a variety of sizes and lifestyles.

Next, most gun owners want to have a gun safe with a secure locking mechanism. Whether an owner has children or not, the safe should lock in a way that is impenetrable to anyone but the owner, some gun safes have a key code that gives them an extra element of protection. Plus, a key code mechanism gives gun owners additional peace of mind about the security of their gun collection.
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There are gun owners who like to purchase gun safes with an appearance that blends in with the rest of the items in a garage or basement. For instance, an owner may want a safe that is dark gray in color. 
The dark gray may match the tool cabinets and other storage items in a basement area. This way, the gun safe doesn't attract any attention when visitors and others are in the basement. Another owner may want a gun safe with a design and color that adds to the look of his or her collection.
Finally, all gun owners want a gun safe made of quality materials. After all, a gun safe can protect a collection of guns from theft, damage from fire and other harmful elements. A durable safe is a must-have for a gun owner.

Working Toward Solutions: The Challenges Facing Today’s Social Workers

Social workers have spearheaded many of the social reforms of the last century and a half, and they continue to advocate for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed in our society today, including the basic rights to housing, healthcare, education, food, and safety. 

The challenges today’s social workers face concern issues of child welfare, affordable housing, poverty, and healthcare, as well as racism, sexism, and discrimination leveled against the LGBT community. These issues only become more challenging as social workers struggle to “do more with less” and provide their services in spite of budget cuts and dwindling resources. Visit this site to learn more about how an online Master of Social Work illuminates the issues facing social workers today.

The Ongoing Poverty Problem

As of 2012, 46.5 million Americans live in poverty. Factors that contribute to the ongoing poverty crisis include low wages, scarce jobs and inadequate social safety nets. Many people who live in poverty work but fail to make ends meet. Chronic deprivation is linked to self-destructive behaviors, like self-medicating with drugs or alcohol or failing to practice proper self-care. It’s also linked to destructive behaviors toward others; poverty is a major cause of violence and crime.

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America’s Child Welfare Crisis

Child welfare is one of the biggest challenges social workers face today, partially because children are powerless to advocate for themselves. Three million cases of mistreatment of children are reported in this country every year, but experts believe that for every case of child mistreatment reported, two more go unreported. Forty-five percent of children live in low-income families, and 22 percent — 16 million children — live in poverty in America. Poverty is closely linked to child abuse and neglect. Racism, sexism, and homophobia also contribute to the conditions that leave children in poverty or vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

Shortage of Affordable Housing

More than 633,000 Americans are homeless, and about 20 percent of them are chronically homeless. Housing in America is expensive — one in three people spends more than 30 percent of his or her income on housing, and one in eight spends more than 50 percent. Public housing units are often crowded, old or structurally unsound and new units aren’t being built fast enough; in 2011,  just 6.8 million units were allocated for 12.1 million low-income renters. Each year, an additional 10,000 public housing units are lost from lack of funds to keep them in good repair.

Health Care Reform

Thanks to the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and the addition of large numbers of retiring Baby Boomers to the Medicare rolls, more people have health insurance in American than ever before; only 48 million Americans currently do not have health insurance.

Nine million Americans living in poverty are expected to gain insurance from the Medicaid expansion slated to take effect in 2014.  In 2012, 24.9 percent of households making less than $25,000 per year did not have health insurance; 12.9 percent of children living in poverty did not have it, compared to 7.7 percent of children not living in poverty.

How Are Social Workers Addressing Social Problems?

Social workers help people gain access to public services and give them the tools and resources they need to help themselves and improve their own lives. These tools and resources can include access to education, counseling and medical care in and out of the home. While many social workers work with individuals or families, others work with organizations or entire communities.

Budget cuts and dwindling resources are forcing many social workers to work on both the micro (individual or family) level and the macro (organizational or community) level. Social workers are also forced to open and maintain dialogues with law and policymakers to communicate and justify their funding needs. Some social workers may go into policy work to try to expand social services programs and options for people in need.

Just as they always have, social workers today face a range of issues, including increasing poverty, child welfare issues, a housing shortage, and a health care shortage. Social workers try to help those in need by increasing access to social welfare programs, education, counseling and other tools that empower the disenfranchised and marginalized to work toward better lives. Many social workers are working harder than ever to help growing numbers of people.

About the Author: Contributing blogger Erin Reamer holds a Master of Social Work and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.